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Psych Skills for Fitness Pros

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Do your clients tell you they “lost” or don’t have “motivation”?
  • Do you struggle to stay positive and feel productive with some of your “tricky” clients?
  • Are you getting burnt out by your stuck, frustrated, difficult clients?
  • Can negative, pessimistic clients suck the energy and enjoyment right out of your coaching?

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

  1.     ­­­­Identify mental roadblocks to success and help your client move them aside.
  2.     Communicate with your clients effectively motivate them to change and achieve their goals.
  3.     Coach with authenticity and evidence-based psychological skills.

Augment your technical skills with psychological skills

  •     Get the most out of your knowledge, education, and training by communicating and motivating more effectively.
  •     Minimize or even remove the draining effects of working with “tough” clients.
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