About Dr. Lisa Lewis

I am a licensed psychologist with a strength-based, solution focus, and an active, collaborative style. Some of the clients I work with present with mental health concerns, while others come to work toward a specific achievement, or to pursue personal, career, fitness, and athletic goals. I have been working as a therapist since 2003, and over the years I have worked with a wide variety of concerns and populations.

For those who present with mental health concerns, I often work with individuals who struggle with relationships, depression, anxiety, or an addiction. As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor (CADC-II) I work with people attempting to recover from an addiction, as well as clients who are negatively impacted by the addiction of someone close to them, like a friend, partner, or family member. I strive to be competent about and sensitive to differences in culture, ethnicity, spirituality, and sexuality, and view these differences as central to an individual’s experience and happiness.

With a passion for wellness and fitness, I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of maintaining a strong mind and a strong body. In addition to the clinical specialties I’ve mentioned, I have a background in sport and exercise psychology, and love to work with athletes and athletically-minded clients who hope to enhance performance or achieve a goal. I also provide services to athletes struggling with issues that are inferring with athletic performance.

While some of my clients describe our work together as traditional psychotherapy, others have used the terms “life coaching” and “consultation”. While all clients come to sessions with a ‘problem’, some focus on correcting negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors or relationships, while others focus on strength-building and life-enhancement.

In addition to providing individualized services, I have also worked with groups of fitness professionals and enthusiasts to provide education and consultation. Please see the Speaking and Workshops page for a description of seminars and workshops I have provided in the past. I’ve been a guest on multiple podcasts and written articles for a variety of websites as well.

Due to my years of experience in college counseling centers, I often work with young adults. My work with college and graduate school students most often focuses on questions concerning personal development, professional identity, and long term goals in both those areas. In addition to working with the University’s students, I also provide supervision to the counseling center’s clinical interns.

Currently, I serve as part time faculty at Northeastern University and teach classes including developmental psychology and abnormal psychology. I have also taught at Wheelock College and Salem State University, teaching undergraduate courses including developmental psychology, sport psychology, and exercise psychology. For more information on my experience and work history, click the link to my CV, below. 

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