Performance consultation

Performance consultation is a coaching service that facilitates the achievement of goals. Mental skills education and training is central to performance consultation.

Clients focus on specific techniques and habits that will propel them toward their ambitions. Sometimes people seeking consultation have a specific event, like a race or an athletic performance, and would like to improve mental toughness or mental preparation.

Others clients work to identify barriers to change, progress, or success in some area of life. These goals may be professional, personal, or physical.

Fees and insurance

My fee is $200 per 50-minute session.

Some clients utilize consultation once, twice, or a handful of times, while other clients utilize consultation intermittently, as they feel it is needed.

Schedule an appointment

If you are interested in scheduling a performance consultation appointment, please fill out the form below. I will respond to your request within 24 hours during the week, and on Monday if you’ve reached out to me over the weekend. Thank you for your interest.