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The Trainers Toolbox

This online seminar-style education system is like having some of the brightest minds in the industry coaching you through your biggest hurdles so you can feel confident growing your business.

If you’re sick and tired of combing through hours of online forum chatter, social media posts, and relentless articles to find practical answers to your biggest coaching problems, then The Complete Trainer’s Toolbox is exactly what you need to elevate your coaching game so you can grow and scale your business like a badass.

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Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification

Master the skills, tools, and techniques to give your female clients the positive experience they deserve at all stages of their pregnancy—and long after they deliver.

The Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Certification is the world’s best pre- and postnatal certification for fitness and healthcare professionals.

Strength Faction

Strength Faction

Being a coach/trainer/whatever you want to call yourself is a great gig. But being just another trainer at the gym isn’t enough to have a great career, and life, in the fitness industry.

Strength Faction helps you get your shit together with a great personal development plan, a programming system, a coaching system, and a list of ways to expand your career is what it takes to make your life as a trainer pretty damn rad.